What do you need to work better?

The surroundings and facilities in your cowork have to be better than your kitchen table, coffee shop or library. While one of the main reasons to work in a flexible space is to be part of a professional and engaging community you’re not going to pay for a desk if it’s not as good as working from home.

The silence of a library doesn’t tend to be conducive to a full days work but it is often a good choice to the loud gossip of coffee shops and the distractions of chores and family at home. Contingent Works knows there needs to be a balance between chattering members and distracting music to quiet areas and phone booths where you can concentrate and take calls in private. The space also has to be the right temperature. By having different zones to work in for different tasks we hope there will always be somewhere suitable to settle down distraction free or collaborate openly with a group at the right temperature.

We aim to get everything right for our members, but the key factors are a safe and comfortable environment that includes ergonomic seating, air conditioning and computer controlled secure access. The key facilities to complement this smart, flexible space are free coffee and a secure and reliable internet connection. You don’t worry that making a cup of tea or printing is going to cost you more when you work from home and membership at Contingent Works is inclusive so you don’t worry there either.

Choose the membership plan that fits your need and we all make sure your time is productive. Join us for our early tours and please feedback what you would like included to maximise your work experience and balance the work side of your work/life balance.


Ewan Buck