Why coworking communities matter

One of the biggest benefits of joining Contingent Works is that you become part of a coworking community of entrepreneurs and talented agile workers. Being a part of the community means you can enjoy all the advantages of a big business employer while staying independent. Networking and collaborating with other members can nurture both business ideas and social links.

Coworking can help avoid the isolation and loneliness that working on your own can bring. Being with other members that have similar challenges can be encouraging in having a common purpose, bringing people together and finding solutions. Plus wellness and non-work related events are all a positive boost to social connections, it doesn’t all have to be about work!

We hope everyone will fit into the community at Contingent Works and benefit socially but, most importantly, the reassurances and morale from working with fellow entrepreneurs and freelancers should give you the ambition and knowledge you need to realise your ideas. We are really looking forward to opening the doors and welcoming and working with you all.


Ewan Buck