Location, location, location

We all know the importance of location when we buy or rent somewhere to live but what about the office? When we first looked around Bromley for an inspiring space to start our design business we were surprised that what choice there was came at prohibitive terms in uninspiring buildings.

After months of searching and researching we decided to open our own beautiful and professional space on simple and affordable terms. We imagined Contingent Works as a place for all the other like-minded creative and entrepreneurial agile workers in Bromley.

Location played a big part as we realised it could not be hidden in a 1980’s faceless tower or so far from public transport that driving was the only option. We needed conveniences within walking distance. We are situated between two mainline train stations and opposite seven major bus routes. Parks surround our building on Elmfield Road so some lunchtime exercise or a walk through nature is easy. Food treats start just next door with a luxury gelato then it’s a short walk to eat food from almost any cuisine in the world. If some retail therapy is your way to take time out then you’re in the middle of all the shops so maybe make sure you have a budget!

So instead of trudging up to London you could walk to work, then eat and shop locally with all the money you saved on the commute.