Coworking makes you happy recently reported that happiness is the route to productivity. No great surprise there, but the rise of coworking equals the rise in home and agile working. CMX say that “people are seeking connection and belonging at increasing rates as loneliness is on the rise. And community is absolutely critical for human health and happiness. A recent paper showed that people who focused on social interaction had a more positive effect on life satisfaction than losing weight, and exercising more. Research consistently shows conversing in person makes us happier—we speak longer, and laugh more.”

“We’ve hit peak social. What people seem to be clamouring for more and more now is community.” Alexis Ohanian, reddit cofounder

Contingent Works is building a community that will give people a true sense of belonging. By empowering our members and creating events where everyone can meet and interact we hope to build an active group of entrepreneurial workers that realise their true value through coworking.

Looking forward to welcoming everyone soon.


Ewan Buck