August Contingent Bromley Cowork Social

Thank you to everyone who turned up at our third social last week. It was great, as ever, to be able to sound out our thoughts and ideas, as well as get all of your input.

// Premises //

We all looked at the fit out renders for the proposed space in Northside House and agreed it was too office-like to have its own distinct aesthetic. While we like the space in some ways, we're not content just to sublet grey office space. So, we are looking for a more versatile premises with room for a gallery/event space at the front, probably on the high street.

// Membership //

With a number of professional businesses looking for event and meeting space in Bromley, we feel that there could be another tier of membership to accommodate and encourage membership from this dynamic sector. We're looking how to do this, so please contact us if you have any thoughts.

// Investment //

We have had interest from a number of people and may look at the EIS/SEIS approval to help us manage funds. This is also a call to anyone who either would like to be really involved or knows of someone who may be interested.

In all a busy week with lots of progress. We can only do this with an active business-minded community like you, so thanks once again and hopefully we'll catch up again at the next social on Wednesday 5 September.

For anyone who has not already signed up or met at our social, we hire the small room between the bar and the garden in the Railway pub opposite Bromley North station.