Coworking is good for you

By gathering people together and creating communities it should come as no surprise that most people who join a coworking space feel more productive, and ultimately, happier.

Here are some statistics from

Coworking members interact with an average of 1 to 4 members per day.

According to an extensive survey done in 2018, 89% of coworking users report that they are happier since joining a coworking space, while 83% said that they feel less lonely.

86% of coworkers feel that they are part of a community when working in a coworking space, which corroborates with another study that says the majority of coworkers feel happier since joining.

Research shows that 79% of coworking users have expanded their social networks as a result of joining a flexible workspace.

And get this, 54% said that they socialize with other members outside of the coworking space after work and during weekends. 

Ultimately, 80% said that having other coworking members to interact with is the thing that they liked most in a coworking space.