Networking and presenting

We presented our vision of the future of work at South East London Business Network and Bromley Councils #GrowBromley local business event.  The next one is Wednesday 9th October, (9am to 1pm), so put that in your diaries if you want to hear from and connect with local businesses.

We were overwhelmed with how positive everyone was. Thank you to the other speakers Gayane Ghazaryan, GG Coaching and Consultancy and Josh Hamit, Improve My Search

And thank you to everyone who took the time to speak to us. We now have some new ideas and lots of encouragement that will help in getting this up and running.

A number of people like the idea of joining Contingent Works so they can present to our members in the event space and be part of our community network, get in touch if there is a skill or service you would like to share.


Contingent Works at #growbromley by Joshua Buck

At this years first #growbromley business event there was great interest in becoming a part of the co-working community within Bromley.

#growbromley is held each year to help grow local business’, you can meet other local businesses, a place to network and learn about future trends. The next event which is on 9 October 2019.

Our speaker for Contingent Works was co-founder Stephen Somerville. Some questions put to Stephen in the open Q&A included:

How do you see this fitting in Bromley?

It’s not a community centre… this will be a valuable asset for Bromley… a place where you can grow your business… currently there is nothing in Bromley that is a deliberate co-working space

Do you have a pay-as-you-go system?

In short yes


This is vitally important, there will be leading network access that is industry standard

Especially for this event Contingent Works offered people to become a part of the network and community with an offer of a free month’s community membership as well as a free taster day when we open. If you attended and still haven’t signed up for the offer just email

We asked some people on their thoughts about co-working and Contingent Works. Everyone we spoke to believes that co-working is vitally important for Bromley and this is some of the feedback that we received:

 “Fantastic idea” (Kay Barrowman / Judge & Priestly)

 “Great thing for Bromley” (Warren King / Freelance Photographer)

“Co-works can help grow a business in confidence” (Rebecca Tibbert / Econoloft)

“Better than just being sat in Starbucks” (Charlie Goodman / Employment Benefits Solutions) 

Thank you to trainee journalist Joshua Buck for attending Contingent Works first local business event and making this report for our blog.

Ewan Buck